About Kevin Wacasey, M.D.


It's true. Ask anyone - my family, my friends, and even my patients. 
See, I don't believe that most health concerns can be covered in a 5-minute office visit. Which is why I like to spend some serious time with patients who have placed their trust in me. As much time, in fact, as the patient needs. Whether it's to talk about their health, health concerns, or just health care in general. And since I used to be a licensed Health Insurance Agent, we can even talk about how to save money on health insurance, too.
I started the Colleyville Medical Clinic because I've been practicing medicine since 1994, and I don't like what health insurance has done to the Doctor-Patient relationship. I don't like how overpriced health care has become either, which is also because of health insurance. See, when I graduated from medical school I took an oath to do no harm to my patients.

And to me, that includes financial harm. 

And the type of medicine I practice now allows me to offer my patients affordable health care, on our own terms, with no insurance companies or other "third party payers" getting in the way. It's the most satisfying way of practicing medicine I've ever experienced, and I'll never have it any other way again.
So if you'd like to know more about how I might be of service to you and yours, then give my office a call.

And let's talk!

Kevin Wacasey, M.D.

Bachelor of Science in Biology
University of Texas at Arlington - 1990
Doctor of Medicine
University of Texas Medical Branch - 1994
Residency, Emergency Medicine
Orlando Regional Medical Center - 1997
American Board of Emergency Medicine
Initial Certification - 1999
Recertification - 2009
Texas Medical License - 1997
Texas General Lines Insurance License (2015-2017)

I like to write, too. You might like my books:

The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care, and

Healthcareonomics 101.

Or you can check out my blog at healthcareonomics.com.

Oh, and I like to speak and teach people too. If you're interested in having me speak to your group, check out kwacasey.com.