Concierge Medicine is a form of membership between a patient and a doctor in which the patient pays an annual fee in exchange for enhanced care by their on-call doctor. In exchange for this fee, Patients receive several benefits that include 24/7 access to a Physician, a cell phone number to be able to connect directly with their physician, same-day appointments, visits that last longer so as to address all their concerns and various other benefits. Because of this enhanced care, thousands of people are now actively searching for a Concierge Doctor in their area. Most Patients also discover that out-of-pocket costs to this type of doctor can actually save them thousands of dollars a year. At the same time, they can have their doctors cell phone on speed dial!

Welcome to Colleyville's first concierge medical practice, where we pride ourselves on:

  • Being affordable - you won't spend an arm and a leg, just to stay healthy.​
  • Never utilizing physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other "mid-level providers." If you're paying for a Doctor, then you should be seen and treated by - a Doctor.
  • Refusing to sell or pressure you to buy any hormones, supplements, or other branded products to keep you "healthy," or "young."​
  • Offering discounted pricing on labs, medications, supplies, and procedures.
  • Negotiating discounts on imaging studies - our patients can get MRI's for $400, CT scans for $300, mammograms for $99, and X-rays for $45.
  • Offering sound advice and tips on how to save on health care - and health insurance - costs.